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Tips on Renting

Thank you for your interest in rental properties managed by ERA Neubauer Real Estate Property Management Services. It is our goal to make the leasing process as fast and simple as possible. We hope you will find the following information useful.

Our Properties

The properties we manage are owned primarily by individual owners. While some are real estate investors, many are private homeowners who plan to return to our community and re-occupy their home in the future. We maintain close contact with our property owners and they are often personally involved in important decisions about leasing, maintenance and management.

Lease Application

Our lease application process is fairly straightforward and the purpose is to gather the information our clients need to approve an applicant quickly. The application is available on line and can be e-signed. By signing the lease application, you are providing authorization for our staff to investigate the information you provide. Our clients expect us to verify that an applicant has current employment in the local community and we must determine several key issues: (1) Credit history will be obtained through a 3rd party service; (2) Previous rental history (if applicable) will be verified; (3) Employment and employment history is verified. The Landlord sets standards for approval based upon a satisfactory credit and rental history, free of previous collections or evictions. As a general rule, the proposed rent amount should not exceed 1/3 of the applicant’s gross income. Prospective tenants are also subject to a background check for history of criminal or civil complaints. This entire process is accomplished as quickly as possible by authorized staff. In special circumstances some Landlords will allow us to make exceptions to the standards they set for approval. If you have special circumstances to present, please advise the staff up-front so the application can be properly presented to the Landlord. Should you not have access to a computer, access can normally be provided at one of our office locations or paper applications are available.

Application –vs- Lease Approval

An application to lease does not remove the property from the market. The property owner is free to accept or reject any offer for lease regardless of the order in which offers are received. If multiple applications are received, each offer is presented to the property owner unless the property owner chooses to delegate the selection decision to the property manager, requiring that the best applicant and terms be approved.

Renters Insurance

Your furnishings and personal belongings are not covered by the Landlord’s insurance. Please consult your insurance agent regarding contents coverage and whether or not you should obtain flood insurance as well. It is essential that you at least have liability insurance coverage either on a rental policy or personal umbrella, and in accordance with your lease, Neubauer Real Estate, Inc. should also be listed as an additional insured entity.

Payment of Rent

Like most property management firms, we do not accept cash. This is a significant insurance and security issue. We do accept online payments by e-check or credit card, or delivery of checks and money orders. There is a drop-box available at each office for after hours payments.

Restrictive Covenants

The use of real property is generally subject to restrictions and limitations imposed by recorded covenants, local land use regulations, and ordinances. There may also be applicable rules associated with a homeowner association. By signing the lease it will be deemed that you have become sufficiently familiar with applicable covenants, laws, rules or ordinances. Utilities: Unless otherwise agreed in the lease, the Tenant is responsible for costs of all utilities and deposits. If access to a specific service or service provider is important to you, availability should be determined at the time of application.

Property Condition

We make every effort to assure our rental properties are in clean condition and in good repair prior to leasing. From time to time we may not have our client’s authorization or their resources to make improvements or restore these properties to the best possible condition. Please make us aware during the application process of any maintenance or repair issues that are of particular concern to you. This will allow us to address your questions with the property owner prior to execution of the lease as well as provide us ample time to complete any work the property owner approves.

School Districts

School districts are revised by the Bay County School Board from time to time. If you have questions regarding a specific school district, please contact Bay County School Board at 872-4100. Their web site is:

Authorization for Pets

If you intend to keep a pet on the premises, please advise us up front. Most Landlords will not allow pets, but we do have properties which are pet-friendly and in some cases, a property owner may grant conditional approval for a pet, contrary to the published leasing information. If a pet is accepted, a separate pet addendum to the lease must be executed.

Your Lease Documents

Your lease documents will be prepared subsequent to application approval. In most cases the lease can actually be completed, reviewed and signed online. If you would like a copy of sample lease documents in advance of execution, just let us know.

Sexual Predator Information

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement maintains a list of convicted sexual predators and their current addresses. If this information is important to you, please visit the FDLE website and check to determine if these individuals reside close to the property you are interested in. The information can be found on the following web site:

The Property Management Staff

ERA Neubauer Real Estate Property Management is under the oversight of a Certified Property Manager, a designation awarded by IREM, the Institute of Real Estate Management, which requires our firm to be held to the highest professional and ethical standards in property management companies.Each member of the property management staff is a trained professional and has designated job responsibilities and they also work as a team to assist every customer with any problem. It is our goal to make your experience with our firm a positive one. Please do not hesitate to ask us for assistance.


Our ability to deliver the best possible customer service depends on good communication. Please be sure to provide good contact information and an email address upon application. Our staff can be reached at the office Monday through Friday and on Saturday from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. In the event of an emergency, a staff member and key vendors are on call 7 days per week.